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                  Campus facilities are now open, and we are planning for the Fall 2020 return to campus. Read the latest updates on SLU-Madrid's response to COVID-19 >>



                  Saint Louis University's Madrid Campus delivers a world-class education and will expand your cultural horizons, whether you study with us for four years or just a few months. The SLU-Madrid Campus is home to students from the United States, Spain and more than 50 other countries.

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                  Benefits of Studying at SLU-Madrid

                  • SLU-Madrid's U.S. liberal arts degree programs in Madrid, Spain, focus on skills that prepare you for any career – critical and analytical thinking, effective communication and interpersonal skills.  
                  • Studying with people from cultures other than your own prepares you to meet the challenges of an increasingly globalized world.  
                  • This broader world view will promote diverse thinking, personal growth and sensitive communication across cultural and social divides. 
                  • Our Jesuit mission will help you discover how you as an individual can contribute to making the world a better, more just place. 
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                    Fernando Abilleira is the deputy mission manager at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, which is overseeing the mission that also will test technologies that address the challenges of human expeditions to Mars.

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                    Academics at SLU-Madrid in the COVID Era

                    Taking with them the lessons learned from the spring semester shift from face-to-face to online teaching, SLU-Madrid faculty are prepared to accommodate the needs of students on campus as well as those who will be studying online this fall.


                  Academic Areas

                  15 undergraduate degree programs that can be pursued entirely in Madrid, Spain.
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                  Madrid + St. Louis Majors
                  Begin studying for your degree on one SLU campus and finish on the other.
                  Study Abroad
                  Complete requirements for all of Saint Louis University’s nearly 100 degree programs.
                  Preparatory Programs
                  Prepare for your studies with our English language and pre-engineering programs.
                   Summer Programs
                  Choose from more than 50 classes offered during the summer.
                  SLU-Madrid Fast Facts

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                  Average class size


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